Weight Loss Pills

The journey to weight loss and attaining a perfect body shape can be quite hectic.  Several people have resulted in controlling how much food they take in to control their weight. while others think the best option is to incorporate weight loss pills.

The introduction of fat burning pills and weight loss medication has reduced the struggle people have to go through to reduce their weight.

Besides, medical experts advise people to combine weight loss pills with the right diet to speed up their weight loss. They also emphasize that it is important to seek medical advice before settling on a weight loss pill to avoid drastic side effects.

Weight Loss Supplements

Weight loss supplements are available in different forms, such as capsules, liquids, and other medications. The fat burning pills’ industry is huge and generates billions in revenues all over the world.

The United States constitutes the biggest market for weight loss pills. Some of the most common fat burning pills are Garcinia Cambogia Extract, Hydroxycut, Caffeine, Orlistat, and Raspberry Ketones.

Common Ingredients for Weight loss pills

The weight loss industry has attracted several suppliers of ingredients. One of the main ingredients is African mango. The ingredient has reported zero safety concerns in the last several years since it’s relatively natural.

The other component is beta-glucans. The ingredient does not have any safety concerns; however, experts claim that it leads to flatulence.

Another key element in the manufacture of fat burning pills is caffeine. Though it causes jitteriness and nausea, it has a modest effect on the weight loss campaign of an individual.

Garcinia Cambogia Extract

The Garcinia Cambogia Extract is one of the top-ranked weight loss pills. One of the common supplement that experts advise consumers to use is Garcinia Cambodia premium.

It is the most effective product within the ultimate weight loss industry. The product is one of its kind because it contains pure garcinia cambogia contents.

It comprises 95% Hydroxycitric Acid (HCA). The ingredient plays a vital role in the reduction of one’s body weight because. It’s main action is to block the formation and accumulation of fats in body tissues.

Effectiveness the weight loss pill

The product has potassium, which is significant in the absorption of important components of HCA that the company markets as part of garcinia.

Also, this product does not contain calcium elements that has adverse effects on the entire natural fat and its burning contents.

The content of the entire product is factually vegetarian, especially the capsules. It is also vegan-friendly, which are the content and part of gelatin, which is less important. In great extend it limits several users.

The uniqueness of the product makes it stand out at the market, thus providing effective weight loss in addition to fat burning. The content is safe for consumer use. Therefore, it has no harmful side effects on consumers.

Hydroxycut Weight Loss pill

Hydroxycut is a product of its kind. Thus, experts advise people to use it for weight loss. Muscle Tech Research and Development manufactures the Hydroxycut.

The Health Science Company acquired Muscle Tech Research and Development, manufactured the product in the year 2004 and the following year, and the authorities declared the company bankrupt.

The product consists of several contents, including caffeine, wild olive extracts: Lady’s mantle contents, cumin contents, and the green coffee bean products. In 2009, the product had harmful substances to human health; thus, the company had to recall all their products from the market.

The company had to recall the product after a series of research on the product by Food and Drug Authority revealed that the products had a severe effect on consumer’s liver and had resulted in one death.

Scandals Involving the Pill

Moreover, after strict supervision and several corrections that the company made on the content of the product, doctors recommended the use of the product for weight loss.

The product has contents of ephedra and a good amount of caffeine.

Moreover, these contents were harmful to human consumption. The Food and Drug Authority fined the company $100000 for selling these products to consumers.

It was as a result of the case filed by Missouri Attorney General Jay Nixon where he claimed the company was producing harmful products to consumers. In addition to paying a fine of $100000, the company had to refund customers their money.

Furthermore, in post-2009, the company repackaged and reintroduced the product back to the market. The remaining ingredients were caffeine, lady’s mantle extract, Cuminum cyminum, wild olive products, and some traces of Hydroxycut.

However, the researcher conducted by the medical team indicated that the product still had contents of harmful products to human. For instance, a study revealed that the drug had epigallocatechin, which is a causative agent of atrial fibrillation.

Moreover, one of the drug’s crucial ingredients, Cissus Quadrangularis has also been in the spotlight as health experts question its safety. Reports are indicating that the product is safe for human consumption lack a scientific underpinning and approval from the authorities.

Conflict of Interest on Hydroxicut Research

Besides, authorities accuse the manufacturers of the drug of bias and conflicting interests after it emerged that the individuals carrying out scientific tests to determine the quality of the ingredient had corporate stakes in the company.

Notably, the researcher failed to disclose the sources of funds they used to run the research.

The war between the food and drug authority and the manufacturers of Hydroxycut continues to rage on with each side accusing the other of inaccurate scientific research methods to determine the safety of the drug.

Nonetheless, the drug does contain questionable ingredients that should arouse the interest of the consumer.

As a research-oriented company, the manufacturer of Hydroxycut should invest more in establishing the safety of the product to avoid clashes with the food and drug authorities.


The use of Orlistat as a weight loss pill is on the rise. The drug does not have constant clashes with government regulators over quality issues and harmful ingredients.

The medication requires individuals to change their eating behaviors and go on a low-calorie diet program. Besides, medical experts advise users to exercise every day.

How Orlistat Helps to Reduce Weight

Orlistat blocks the enzyme that breaks down fats in the digestive system, and the excretory organs remove the undigested fats.

The drug does not prevent the absorption of calories into the body. Thus, the consumers of the drug have to reduce the number of calories they consume.

The consumers of the drug must disclose to the doctor if they are under any other drug. For instance, people who take cyclosporine should consume Orlistat three hours after taking the medication.

Moreover, the people who take levothyroxine should consume Orlistat four hours after swallowing the drug.

Orlistat is available in pills or liquid form. The manufacturers advise people to take the drug within one hour after eating a meal that has fats. As such, the users have to take the drug at least three times every day.

If the user does not consume any meal, then there is no need to take the drug. Experts advise people to reduce the amounts of fat they consume to decrease the overall amount of calories they ingest.

Side Effects of Orlistat

One of the side effects of Orlistat is that it reduces the absorption of vitamins, especially, vitamins A, D, E, and K.

As such, the users of the drug have to consume a daily multivitamin supplement that has the vitamins. They need to take the multivitamins at least two hours before or three hours after taking the drug.

The other side effect is that the drug interferes with bowel movements. Since the drug inhibits the breakdown and absorption of fats, the consumers of the drug may experience fatty stool or stools that have oil spots, and intestinal gas with discharge.

Moreover, the individuals have to go to the bathroom more times than before to excrete the unabsorbed fats.

The side effects of the use of the drug are more severe if the individuals consume more fat than the doctors recommend.  Experts are yet to document any case of a severe allergic reaction due to the use of the drug.

Nonetheless, they advise people to seek medical help if they notice symptoms of liver disease such as severe abdominal and stomach pains, symptoms of kidney stones such as back pain when excreting and yellowing of eyes.

Raspberry Ketones

Raspberry ketone is a chemical component present in red raspberries. The sweet aroma and taste of the raspberry ketones have created the confectionary industry as people extract the ingredient to add to other foods and cosmetics.

Scientific research shows that the component can reduce weight by increase some aspects of metabolism. Besides, it stimulates the production of adiponectin, a hormone that increases the rate at which the body breaks down fats. Moreover, raspberry ketone reduces appetite in most consumers.

Experts believe that raspberry ketone is relatively safe when consumers take the drug orally. They recommend people to consume doses of 1000 milligrams.

However, consumers should stick to a healthy diet and stringent exercise to attain the full benefits of the drug. Notably, pregnant mothers must consult doctors before they consume the drug.

Green Coffee Bean Extract

Experts recommend the Green Coffee Bean Extract for any person that intends to lose weight. Wild Health Company manufactures the Green Coffee Bean Extract.

Green Coffee Bean Extract is safe to use and does not affect the health of an individual negatively. Green coffee beans comprise of five different brands depending on their quality and their use.

The brands are green coffee premium, Natural Factor Green Coffee Bean, the wild Health Green Coffee, vita-Web pure green coffee bean, and just goodness green coffee bean.

The most recommend products for users for effective weight loss is the Green Coffee Premium. Experts have tested the product, and they have found it to be safe for weight loss.

The tests showed that the Green Coffee Premium contains 50% of Chlorogenic Acid, is the right amount for any individual interested in weight loss. Green coffee has an advantage over other drugs in breaking down fats to simple acids.

According to medical experts, one does not need to have an exercise routine when using this product. They estimate that one would have a daily saving of 1600mg as the recommended dose for a single person at a time.

The products is healthy and effective to both vegetarians and the vegans. Green Coffee products are free from any other filler, binders, and any other additives like artificial chemicals.


To begin with, the supplements of Glucomannan are present at the market and any chemist around for any person to lose weight.

Some of the main contents of the pills are the starchy root of a plant called konjac.

Glucomannan contains fiber that the human body can absorb as much as possible. Its products acts as appetizing pills and they do not have any stimulant effects.

Glucomannan has its health benefits in that one takes before a meal with an estimated glass of water. Glucomannan is used at the same time with water so that one is comfortable and feels they are full with less food.

Due to this character, it makes users lose more weight at a given time without one feeling hungry. Like other soluble fibers, glucomannan the health of an individual and there will be a realization of lower blood lipids when one use it for long.

If one wants to use Glucomannan, one needs to read at the use on the bottle and stick to the clinician’s prescriptions.


Meratrim is another effective weight loss pills that clinicians recommend; the dietary pills are said to have ingridients of fruits and flowers. A company called Re-Body manufactures the products of Meratrim.

The pill has proved to be effective for people who intend to lose or manage their weight. Medical experts have proved the pill to be free from stimulants, but it has proven that its formula is essential in reducing the size of the waist and the hips.

Results from studies state that the pills are useful to both women and men.

Some of the basic ingredients of Meratrim are the Sphaeranthus Indicus, Garcinia Mangostana Rice Bran, Vegetable cellulose, and microcrystalline cellulose. The presence of these products is the main course of immediate of the user’s waist shape.

If you combine Meratrim with the right amount of food and exercise, you will achieve quicker results. Scholars believe that the product boosts the user’s metabolic reaction in the tissue.

Individuals with stomach upsets should not use the products.  You will realize the effects of the pills one their weight after eight weeks.

Users of these weight loss pills should also avoid foods with high calories if they want to realize the effect of Meratrim.

Conjugated Linoleic Acid

According to research, the recommended product is said to be CLA Premium, where its content is pure. Conjugated Linoleic Acids is good for weight loss due to its high-quality potency of CLA that activates the breakdown of body fats.

It also ensures that there is no more production of these fats. Secondly, it controls hunger. Moreover, it regulates calories intake to body tissues and boosts one’s metabolism to ensure they can lose their accumulated weight.

Furthermore, these products are natural. They do not contain any additives or fillers in the stated formula. It proved that each capsule contains some pure ingredients like oleic acid, palmitic acid, and linoleic acid. The present ingredients are basic for user muscle formation

Bottom Line

For a healthy life, individuals should stick to a balanced diet full of all nutrients. Nevertheless, weight loss pills are essential in boosting one’s health to and reducing weight.

If one wants to use dietary pills, they should first seek a go-ahead from a medical doctor to avoid using harmful ingredients that can result in health complications.

People who want to reduce weight should combine exercises with proper diet. The bottom line is, to lose weight or burn fat you, have to be at a calorie deficit.

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