Do booty Resistance Bands Work ? A Detailed Guide

Are you planning to intensify your daily workouts? If you haven’t included booty resistance bands (booty bands) in your routine, then you may not be serious about it. Booty bands also go by the name hip bands or butt bands. Though they are often overlooked because of their low cost, booty bands are one of the most versatile, portable, and efficient workout equipment.

Unlike jump ropes and treadmills that are very straightforward when it comes to working out, there are so many less obvious things you can do with a booty resistance band. But, do booty resistance bands work? It is normal to have such a concern when you are new to the workout accessory. The short answer, nevertheless, is YES, and we are going to explain further in this detailed guide.

What Are Booty Resistance Bands?

Booty resistance bands are 12-inch thick latex bands that quickly engage the glutes, the hips, and the rest of your lower body. Their purpose is to stimulate these parts to give you a muscular and well-contoured shape.

Booty bands come in a variety of sizes and tension levels or resistance to suit different people. They can extend to about 30 inches to allow your body to stretch maximally. Today, hip bands are not just home workout equipment but also an essential accessory for physiotherapy, rehabilitation programs, and sports training.

How Do They Work?

It is also common for a beginner to ask: how do booty resistance bands work? According to research, muscles respond fast to strength exercises that you do with booty resistance bands just as much as they do to other workout equipment.

Over the years, booty bands have proven effective, especially among women in contouring the butts and strengthening associated muscles. They work more on the glutes, the posterior muscles. The muscles are responsible for moving forward, picking things, and jumping up.

In addition to the glutes, the bands target the hip and associated parts. Some of the things that booty band exercises do are:

  • Boost butt volume
  • Reduce the waistline
  • Burns fat to promote weight loss

Generally, booty band exercises can help you achieve a sexier and more desirable body.

Benefits of Booty Bands

Since you have to spend money on a booty band, it is logical to weigh if the purchase is worth it. Here are the notable benefits:

1. Affordable workout equipment

Not many workout accessories come under $30. Well, you can buy a hip band for about $6-$30, and you can use it to perform an array of body exercises that we are going to look at later in this guide. So, if you are a budget-conscious gym rat or you want affordable workout equipment to use at home, a resistance band is a worthy purchase. You can check detailed comparison of booty bands here

2. Full body workout

Though booty bands are often used to strengthen the glutes, hips, and thighs, they can also work on your upper body. You can use them to build your biceps, triceps, and chest, among many other parts. When used properly, the tool can work on your full body.

3. Space-saving

Resistance bands don’t take much storage space. You don’t need a special compartment to keep yours as it can fit comfortably in your backpack or handbag. You can also tuck it under your bend or insert it in your drawers. The band is not like a treadmill or a workout bench that requires spacious storage.

4. Multiple Exercises

Butt bands provide you with so much flexibility when it comes to exercising. You can use them to strengthen your glutes, hips, triceps, and biceps. You can stand on the band as you pull it or wrap it around your legs or ankles. You can even use it as a warm-up tool.

5. Travel-friendly

Given that resistance booty bands take up small storage spaces, they are an excellent choice for frequent travelers. You can carry your butt band on a vacation or camping exploit to allow you always to keep fit. Generally, it offers you maximum workout flexibility when out of town.

6. Multi-fitness levels

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an expert when using a hip band as the workout tool promises maximum results. As a beginner, you can start with the lowest resistance and improve it once you get used to doing more cycles. You can increase the tension when your body can take more intensified routines.

Buying Guide – How to Choose the Right Booty Band

Booty bands

When buying booty bands, you must shop wisely. Considering that there are different butt band brands, you need a few buying tips up your sleeve. Here are the major ones:

  1. Proper grade | Hip bands come in varying resistance grades. We advocate for medium or heavy grade bands as opposed to light bands when you are a beginner. The resistance levels suit about 90% of new users, and so you are likely to have a smooth experience when starting.
  2. Quality material | Resistance bands vary in material type. You need to pick a material that is not only durable but also comfortable on the skin. In this case, you should opt for polyester and soft cotton as they are high-quality and are likely to serve you longer.
  3. Multi-resistance | It is never enough only to buy one booty band. Remember, they are color-coded to denote light resistance, medium resistance, heavy resistance, and so on. If you want to get the best user experience as a beginner, it is advisable to try all the levels. Doing so allows you to find a tension level that works best for you.
  4. Non-slippery | The resistance band that you go for shouldn’t slip off your ankles or knees. So, you have to choose an option that has anti-slip lines or one that comes with any other property that promotes sliding resistance. It has to be safe.
  5. Skin-friendly | You should buy a booty band that is safe on your skin. For starters, it should be wide enough not to constrict or pinch your skin. It also has to feel soft and shouldn’t cause any skin reaction. Your skin shouldn’t feel itchy when you wrap the band around your body.
  6. Multipurpose | Knowing that a booty band can perform different exercises, it is wise to try to get the most out of it. Hence, you should always look for an option that can help you perform different exercises. It should help you work on your glutes, hips, thighs, and other body parts.
  7. Extra stability | Booty bands are supposed to offer you some level of resistance when working out. The opposition is necessary for its overall balance. So, you should always target extra tension to enjoy more stability. For starters, ensure the band features internal grip strips or lines. You also have to ascertain that it is wide enough.

How to Use Booty Bands – Home Exercises You Can Do with Them

You probably are asking: do booty resistance bands work only with strengthening exercises? The answer is NO. You can also do cardio. Here are the general physical routines you can do with the magic band:

1. Sidekicks

If you are looking to strengthen your outer glutes and shape your curves, no exercise does it effortlessly than sidekicks. You need to:

  • Put a booty band around your ankles
  • Lean forward a little to bend your knees
  • While your feet are together, raise one slowly and then lower it back
  • Hold onto something for balance
  • Repeat 4-5 times per set and do 15-20 sets

2. Lunge Kickbacks

Lunge kickbacks work on your hips and glutes. They are a strengthening exercise that you can do routinely. To execute them, you should:

  • Stand naturally while the resistance band is around the knees and your hands on the hip
  • Drop forward to take a lunge position and keep your body upright
  • Lift your pelvis and lean forward as you simultaneously raise the rear leg
  • Hold briefly before returning to the start point
  • Repeat on the other leg

3. Clamshells

If you are looking to use a resistance band to work on your inner thighs, you should consider doing clamshells. In addition to the butt band, you need a yoga mat. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Put the booty band above the knees
  • Lie on your right-hand side on a comfortable yoga mat
  • Rest your head on your right arm and put your left hand on the left hip
  • Squeeze your thigh muscles and press your left thigh wider out
  • Rest briefly before returning the left thigh to its starting point
  • Do ten reps before you change sides

4. Plank Kickbacks

Plank kickbacks work on your full body and not just the posterior. You need to:

  • Assume a plank position with the booty band around the thighs
  • Maintain your body straight while tensing the abs
  • Lift one foot high and hold briefly before returning it to the initial position
  • Switch legs and repeat

5. Squats

If you have been having a hard time doing squats, you should consider doing them with the help of a booty band. It is easier that way, and here the steps to follow:

  • Place a booty band around the thighs as you stand up with your legs apart
  • Stretch your arms out and tighten your glutes
  • Assume a squat position and work against the tension of the band
  • Press down and stand up fast
  • Do as many reps as possible

6. Lateral Band Walk

The thighs are likely to feel a burning sensation when you do lateral band walks. You need to:

  • Place a hip band around the ankles as you stand with your legs marginally apart
  • Slightly bend your knees and step your right leg to the side
  • Follow it with the left leg
  • Alternate the steps and do ten reps each side

7. Glute Kickbacks

Are you sick of squats and would want a funnier way of exercising your posterior? Then you should use a booty band to perform glute kickbacks. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Place a booty band around the ankle and stand up with your feet apart
  • Tighten the glutes and tuck in the pelvis
  • Kick out the left leg until the band feels tighter
  • Pause briefly before bringing your foot back
  • Do ten reps before you switch sides

8. Leg Lifts

Leg lifts are much easier when you execute them using a resistance band. The exercises target your small glute muscle. Here are the steps for doing them:

  • Place a booty band around the ankles and stand up with your feet apart
  • Tighten your thighs and glutes as you balance your right leg
  • Lift your left leg out wide to tighten the butts
  • Do it without shifting the direction of the hip
  • Bring the leg back to the initial position without touching the ground
  • Perform ten reps then switch sides

How to Use Booty Bands to Maximize Results

Now, that you know that booty bands work, it is reasonable to ask, how do booty resistance bands work for maximum results? Most people don’t appreciate booty bands because they rush into buying them without first understanding how to use them. Here are the essential tips for getting the most out of them:

  • Use the correct form – You shouldn’t sacrifice your body form by going for loads that you cannot manage. Not only will it rob you good workout results but may also expose you to unnecessary injuries. So, learn to target manageable loads when working out.
  • Increase resistance – As you step up your workout routine, you should improve your resistance level to build more glute mass and hip muscles. For example, if you find it easy to do 20 or more reps, it may be time to increase the tension level.
  • Rest shortly – Rest is necessary when working out, but it shouldn’t be prolonged. You should do it briefly after several repetitions. For best results, take a breather for 45-75 seconds.
  • Concentrate on muscle connection – You need your muscles to respond smoothly to the activation by a booty band. For this reason, you should focus on their response. If you are not feeling anything in your muscles, you better slow down. It could be that you are doing the exercises wrongly or that you are over-tightening the muscles. The moment you concentrate on your muscles and rest accordingly, you’ll be surprised by the workout results.
  • Consider combinations – Booty bands work best when combined with weightlifting exercises and proper dieting. While most people have no problem with the latter, they often fail on the former. You need a booty band to give you additional resistance when executing natural moves like squats, deadlifts, lunges, and hip thrusts. The extra load that you receive from a booty band helps you to burn calories much faster. It also boosts muscle strength and glute toning.

Closing Thought:

There is no doubt about the effectiveness and applicability of booty resistance bands as workout tools. They are an affordable, portable, and practical home workout solution for someone who wants to intensify their training routine. You only need to know how they work, the benefits they bring, and how to buy the best option. You’ll find the above guide useful in that regard.

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