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This site is a private website. A small team of independent individuals writes and edits this website content as their part-time job.

Most article and reviews include affiliate links to specific items cited within the articles and reviews, to traders such as The Human Trainer, Amazon, Fringe Sport, and Rogue Fitness.

This means that each of our articles includes a sidebar-based disclosure, which states: “Reviews and articles on have at least one affiliate link to merchants like Rogue Fitness and Amazon. So, we get a small commission when you click the links and make a purchase. This, however, will not affect the product’s price you buy. The price of the item you buy will be the same as that of all direct visitors to the website of that merchant. Click here to view our complete affiliate disclosures”. The sidebar disclosures offer a link to the full disclosure.

An affiliate link is a URL which if you buy an item after clicking on it, we might be rewarded a small commission, although this is not always the case. Such an affiliate relationship will not change the price of the product you buy. You will pay the same fee as the person who purchases by visiting the website of a merchant directly. We only include affiliate links based on our personal experience or extensive research. So, the only instance when we use these links is when we feel that a service or product adds value in your life or when we believe that a specific product or service might eventually help you become happier and healthier.  Even so, you still should make your resolution regarding the reliability and value of any service or product linked to from our website.

When writing or editing reviews and articles, occasionally, we may link to an item for informational purposes. In such instances, we might clarify from the link’s context, whether we are acclaiming the product.

No organization or person compels us by whichever way, to put individual URLs to specific products. Also, we do not accept or receive payment for purchasing recommendation or giving a favourable review of a service or product. Occasionally, retailers or manufacturers of individual items might send us the items to review. In such a case, we are not obliged to write a favourable product review. So, we always present our truthful judgement of things we have been rewarded for trying out.  We will never recommend products that we think will not add value to you.

We only link to the products and services that we choose at our own will. We will just get compensated should you buy a product from one of the traders with whom we hold an affiliate association, because you clicked the affiliate link.

If you want to buy an item and have clicked on an URL, but you choose that we not get paid, you may disable that commission by just deleting all cookies or deleting the browser cache of merchant cookies.

Before clearing the cookies, remember that deleting all cookies might occasionally log you out of the membership websites. Even so, you can still delete cookies collected on from the past hour, or last few hours.

Remember to make all purchases at your discretion. So, research and compare items to ensure you purchase the most suitable product.

We do not have a direct monetary connection, as consultant or employee, with any entity or company whose services or products we might link to.

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