The Best Exercise Equipment for Over 70

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1. Exerpeutic Motorized Leg and Arm Pedal Exerciser Mini Exercise Bike

Having problems moving your arms or legs? The Exerpeutic Motorized Arm and Leg Pedal Exerciser were made for people like you. The motorized cycle movement makes your arm or leg movement smooth and easy. Start training just after powering up its motor. Remember to use the hand-held speed controller to adjust the speed. This mini exercise bike allows a constant pedaling motion to strengthen your muscles, improve arm or leg blood circulation, enhance balance, and promote muscle movement. 

Product Description

Exercise your legs and arms while watching TV, sitting at a computer, or just resting on a chair with the Exerpeutic Motorized Arm and Leg exercise bike. Place your Exerpeutic ACTIVcycle on top of a table or desk exercise to your shoulder and arm on the go. In just a few minutes, the ACTIVcycle can help you strengthen your muscles, promote the circulation of blood, as well as improve balance.

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Unlike other exercise equipment for over 70, this exerciser with a bonus mat comes pre-assembled. Just get your pedal exerciser from the box and start training immediately.

The Exerpeutic exerciser includes an adjustable speed motor, which makes it the best exercise equipment for over 70. Plus, the flexible operation provides a low impact training won’t strain your joints very much. For higher resistance, use the mini exerciser without the motor. 

With an adjustable foot strap on its foot pedals, you can quickly put on or get off the motor-assisted leg and arm bike.

The bike comes with a multi-function LCD that shows distance, speed, time, and calories.

The non-slip floor mat and the inbuilt carry handles ensure this tool is portable and can be used anywhere.

With a length of 16 inches, a width of 16 inches, and a height of 13 inches, the exerciser is light and weighs just 12.5 pounds.


  • A low impact work is smooth on joints
  • Can exercise while sitting for no impact training
  • Enjoy effortless movement with motorized cycle


  • Cannot adjust the resistance
  • Very short cord making hand-held control hard.
  • The LED display may pop out of the unit with a slight fall

2. Hausse Portable Exercise Pedal Bike for Legs

The Hausse white pedal bike for arms and legs lets you adjust the suitable resistance mode to match your needs. This exerciser allows you to use it on a desk for arm workouts or on the floor for a leg workout. Prevent the risk of injury while training by using the Hausse portable exerciser with toothed non-slid pads.

Product Description

The Hausse Portable Exerciser for Legs features a simplistic design of pedal exercise bike that looks stunning.

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With adjustable friction-based tension, this portable fitness tool allows you to change the intensity of your training.  It has an adjustable knob to vary resistance for customized exercise. Enjoy the easy to adjust features by just rotating its knob.

The LCD is easy to read. The LCD screen shows calories burned, RPM, distance, time, and speed. So, you can use the LCD monitor to compare the time spent on the bike and calorie burns. Also, the carry handles make it the best equipment for over 70 on a budget.

With six display settings, you can adjust the exerciser’s tension. This feature makes this fitness bike best for older adults, who can use it to stay alive.

It has a firm enough portable handle that makes this Hausse always ready to go.


  • Great for older individuals who need a little workout because It’s small and easy to apply
  • A handy machine to improve blood flow at work for people who sit at a table all-day
  • Easy assembly makes the machine always ready for use, even while on the bed or chair.


  • The range of motion starts seizing up and wobbling in the left pedal upward movement
  • Often gets stuck which prevent smooth motion

3. Hausse Folding Exercise Peddler Portable

The Hausse Folding Exercise Peddler is the best equipment for over 70 on budget. Besides, this portable peddler offers a perfect low-intensity workout, improves your blood circulation, and enhance muscle strength in the arms or legs. Use this machine either on the desk for arm exercise or on the floor to exercise your legs. So, you can enjoy the benefits of this workout peddler both at home and in the office.

Product Description

The Hausse Folding Exercise Peddler advances mobility independence and health because the exerciser strengthens your arms and legs. Combining these benefits will, by far, promote your overall independence and health.

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It’s easy to fold and carry along when traveling on business or for pleasure. This excellent piece of workout technology gives you exceptional value on the budget. As an innovative fitness device, this bike exerciser is light-weight yet sturdy and comes assembled with an inbuilt screen.

With this display, the peddler record and monitors five functions that can significantly enhance your general health and fitness. The scan feature on its screen allows you to note the calories that burn during exercises. Plus, the screen lets you monitor the duration of your workout session and your RPM (revolutions per minute)

It has a tension Knob to know that lets you easily fine-tune the tension level. This knob allows you to set the appropriate level of difficulty. The exerciser enables you to time your exercises, which is a useful feature that lets you measure and track your progress.

Enjoy routine exercise without the fear that your machine might slide while pedaling. The product includes a non-slid rubber pad that ensures the tool remains firmly on the ground when training.


  • Multi-functional display that shows five functions
  • Non-slid machine- rubber pads ensure the fold-able machine stays firmly on the ground
  • The fold-able feature makes storing this device very easy


  • The battery is hard to replace
  • Cannot turn-off tracking

4. REAQER Shoulder Exercise Pulley Over

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Old age comes with poor health. Improve the health of an elderly family member by using this machine for rehabilitation training. It is also useful for individuals in long-term desk work roles. These people often work for prolonged hours, which makes them experience stiffness in their upper limbs.

Are you looking for the best exerciser for older individuals on budget? If so, look no further. The REAQER shoulder exerciser was designed to meet your needs.

Product Description

This should rehabilitation device is smooth, light, and mute. It comes with plastic pulley whose diameter is 3.9 inches. It includes a steel plate that’s 0.16-inch-thick, which makes this training set quite safe, stable, and reliable.

The REAQER Shoulder Exercise Pulley Over includes a soft foam card head that is easy to mount in the door lintel. The REAQER shoulder exerciser is easy to use, simple to operate, and you can use it wherever you wish. This fitness pulley over allows you to train even while sitting. This shoulder exerciser is the best exercise equipment for over 70, or people using a cervical traction kit, while the patient grasps the handle.

The device is an ideal rehabilitation training tool that needs you only to pull the rope up or down smoothly. The REAQER Shoulder Exercise Pulley Over is practical and straightforward to use so you can use it daily.

With two holding edges, you can position your health arm on the upper handle and use it to drive the affected limb.


  • Double holding handles for best rehabilitation training
  • Easy to use anywhere- mount it on any wall and start training immediately


  • Disabled or severely ill people need help to assemble and use the training set.

5. PLENY Foldable Upright Stationary Exercise

The PLENY Foldable Upright Stationary Exercise is a brand-New workout monitor with a big and multifunctional screen that you can read easily. The multifunctional display shows the pulse, time, calories, speed, odometer, and distance. The new exercise monitor includes comfortable saddles and 16 level resistance. It’s easy to move because it comes with built-in wheels. This PLENY Foldable exerciser includes new count-down features that allow you to customize your target on each exercise. By setting up a plan and following it, this machine is the best exercise equipment for over 70 because you can continuously adjust your plan accordingly to fit your needs. It’s the best fitness machine on budget that includes an inbuilt tablet/phone holder. 

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Product Description

The high-end bent crank arm prevents you from heel kicking its crank designed under high-speed pedaling. Also, the pedal has textured and raised non-slid blocks having a safety strap for safe driving. With firmly fastened bolt around the pedal prevents pedal loosening.

It has a cozy foam waded handlebar with an advance heart pulse detector. The new count-down feature enables you to set up an exercise target on the workout monitor, and the device will tally that for you.

Its 16-level magnetic resistance controller provides flexible hard to easy exercise adjustment that fit beginners or older individuals who want some challenge. The magnetic resistance of the black model is heavier than that of the pink model. Do you need strong tension? Then, choose the black model.

Enjoy a longer workout on the bike with its large comfortable toothed seat.

The inbuilt transportation wheels allow older individuals to move the bike quickly from place to place

The PLENY Foldable exerciser allows smooth backward and forward pedaling, adding more fun to your workout routine.


  • Easy for people who aren’t mechanically-inclined to assemble
  • Small footprint adds to the stylish appearance
  • Perfect resistance for older people or that below-average fitness


  • Noisy with an audible hitch when one starts pedaling
  • The weak saddle may not persist in several workout sessions.

6. Stamina Elliptical

Use this Stamina Compact trainer while standing, sitting, or by backward pedaling, which allows you to achieve a versatile and convenient workout. Exercising on the stamina elliptical strider helps you burn calories, improve your cardiovascular fitness, and tone your lower body muscle without causing excessive strain on your joints. Do you wish to train while reading a book, working out at your office, or watching TV? If so, then this stamina compact trainer can move wherever you move. 

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Product Description

The Stamina Elliptical Strider is the best exercise equipment for over 70. Also called the 55-1610 InMotion E1000 trainer, this machine offers a very low-intensity cardio training that burns almost the same calories’ number as jogging. It is the best fitness trainer on budget that doesn’t stress your ankles, back, knees, as well as hips.

This trainer allows you to complete multiple exercise options. Use this Stamina InMotion E1000 trainer while standing or sitting. Seated exercises are ideal for people beyond the age of 70 years and individuals who can’t train due to mobility or balance issues. Reverse pedaling this strider allows you to enhance different muscles.

The stamina elliptical strider has adjustable resistance. Older individuals should use the upper tension levels giving them scope to improve their fitness.

It comes with an in-built electronic display to monitor workout time, calories burned, strides per minute, and total steps.

The Stamina InMotion E1000 includes toothed anti-slid pedals to ensure your feet remain firmly in position during fast-paced exercise.


  • Best for older people who have joint pains and need Low-impact workouts
  • On budget and affordable, especially as a personal luxury tool
  • Smooth and quiet motion makes it suitable for in-house use
  • Adjustable tension favors anyone above 70 years


  • Its slowed movement won’t challenge your workouts
  • If you have balance problems, you must use it near a wall for support.

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