The Best Fitness Trackers Reviewed

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Garmin vívofit 4 – Best Under $100

Do you wish to track your fitness progress, but aren’t sure about the best fitness trackers? While Garmin considers its Vivofit 4 tracker as the Best Under $100, this product is quite competitive and includes other accessories such as Fitbit Alta HR and Moov Now that want to enhance your exercise experience.

Even with Garmin’s Vivofit 4, including a color display, it still claims that its powerful battery can serve you for about a year. The Garmin battery resembles the battery for regular watches, and you won’t need to recharge it. Besides, if it drains, you only need to replace it. This means that you can still sleep with the Vivofit band fitted on your wrist without fearing that your Garmin tracker will drain its charge before your next gym session. Despite this, the Garmin vívofit 4 fitness tracker includes many other things to improve fitness.

In many ways, this Garmin vivofit is a reliable replacement over its precursor. Plus, the product includes a new color screen, is comfortable, and involves lots of suitable extras. However, it doesn’t include heart rate display connectivity, which is quite unfortunate.

Product Description

The Garmin vivofit 4 fitness tracker is a water-resistant device that tracks and helps you achieve your activity goals. It’s a lightweight, and slender activity tracker that you can fit on your wrist to check the distance traveled steps, and calories burned. The vivofit 4 even tracks your sleep and alerts you when you attain your daily milestones. While it comes in different sizes and colors, this Garmin device weighs under an ounce. 

Garmin Connect feature and inbuilt Bluetooth Smart technology let you link the tracker to your mobile device or smartphone. Do you wish to pair vivofit 4 tracker to your home computer? The USB ANT+ stick offers you a free wireless way to connect the activity monitor to a PC. Besides, you can install the Garmin Connect app on your computer or smartphone to track daily objectives, calories burned, and activities that help motivate you. This device lets you share your fitness goals or events on social media with your friends. The setting for vivofit 4 is organized on Garmin Connect, such as measurement units (kilometers or miles), Auto Goal, Time Format (24-hour or 12-hour), and Visible Monitors. This app for your home PC is compatible with Mac OS 10.10 or later and Windows 7 SP1 or later. Plus, the Garmin Connect app is compatible with Bluetooth Smart-enabled devices, which include Apple iPod, iPhone, or iPad touch using iOS 9.0 or later and some Android devices (though version differs with device).

This 24/7 Wearable includes a 1+ year battery life that tracks your fitness progress throughout and lets you scrap the charging cable. Whether for the shower or the pool, the vivofit 4 tracker is safe. Also, with an always-on monitor, the activity tracker screen is bright enough for easing viewing, both in the dark or in the sunlight. Let your character stand out using its customizable display with watch faces, text phrases, and color themes. Alternatively, your personality can also shine through by swapping the activity tracker for a different band. Fitness bands are available in various styles and colors.

With this fitness tracker, Garmin brings you various new products build to make your exercise experience more convenient. The vivofit 4 tool has a weather widget that you can use to have an instant, illustrated view of what each day will bring. With this Garmin tracker, you can set a count down or an alarm just from your hand to update you when it’s time to end your routine workout. It is a useful tool, especially if you’ve misplaced your phone. The vivofit 4 offers you more convenience right from the wrist.

One of the best fitness trackers

With the Move IQ feature, this tool allows you to get moving, the easy way because you won’t need to stop or start your activity timer manually. The Move IQ will automatically take and organize various activities such as using an elliptical, walking, swimming, running, and biking. For runs and walks, the activity time can even start automatically. Garmin Connect lets you see the gathered data afterward.

The product motivates you to rise and move. Along with tracking sleep, steps, calories burned, and distance, the Garmin vivofit 4 tracks inactivity intervals. When you remain inactive for too long, the tracker has a move bar that fills up to alert you when you are stationary. Walking a few minutes lets you reset the move bar. After several sessions, the vivofit tracker picks up your present level of exercise then allocates realistic daily step objectives. As you achieve your goals, the activity tracker changes your next day’s goal, which gradually pushes you toward a better lifestyle.

The product regularly synchronizes to Garmin connect throughout the day. Plus, its Connect app lets you beat your previous milestones easier than before. Enjoy or review all your data using its colorful and bold activity cards. Tap in for more comprehensive statistics or scroll down to compare past results with your current totals. Your device presents the recorded health measurements and activities in graphic detail. Without any filter, your device includes information personalized for you or the manner you move.

The Garmin vivofit 4 lets you step challenges with your loved ones. For example, do you wish to challenge a family member to a step contest? If so, the vivofit 4 has a Toe-To-Toe feature that allows you to hold a step challenge, even with your kids. This Garmin monitor will wireless connect to another vivofit 4 or even vivofit jr. 2 to start an immediate timed step challenge. Just control the Garmin vivofit from your hand. So, when the competition ends, you can both check the total steps during the challenge to determine who won.

Pros and Cons


Great value– For less than $100, the vivofit 4 is a reasonably priced sleep and activity tracker
Accurate– Its step count data is very reliable. Plus, it offers precise information for heart rate and calories burned
Comfortable– It does not hurt your wrist and comes with a large and small band. So, it’s perfect both for large and slight-framed users
User-friendly– can switch between modes using a single button, making it easy to operate. To customize the activity tracker, download the app, key-in your fitness milestones, age, and weight. You are ready to go immediately after synchronizing the program to any device. Change its band in less than a minute and secure its clasp using one hand.
Long battery life– Not rechargeable. Only replace its battery after at least 12 months.


Lacks a backlight– Lacks backlit despite it having an LCD. So, in dim lighting or at night, reading your stats on the device is hard
Cheap-looking wristband– The vivofit 4 band seems cheap, though cozy to fit on your wrist
Exercise limitations– It only tracks steps that involve the movement of the arm. It’s ineffective if you’re working out on a stationary bike where your arms barely move.
No GPS – Lacks a GPS tracking feature. It assumes 100000 steps equal to 47 miles, which could be incorrect
No altimeter- Tracks your running and walking stats, but omits elevation data.


For less than $100, The Garmin vívofit 4 includes the most qualities any activity tracker could offer. Compared to most other wristwatches, the vivofit 4 is smaller and a low-profile tool with an inbuilt screen. The device is comfortable and adjustable, with various band alternatives and a colorful screen. Even so, its display is quite small.

You will like its bold and accessible app, insightful physical interface, as well as integration abilities for nutrition tracking with MyFitnessPal. Unlike other activity trackers under $100, the Garmin vivofit can monitor a variety of activities automatically with the Move IQ system. Plus, it synchronizes an ANT+ chest band heart rate checker for basic workout and more comprehensive data during training, which beats most other fitness trackers for under $100.

Unlike any of its competitors who are recharged weekly, the battery for this Garmin vivofit 4 can last for a whole year. This feature is more convenient for long-term or round-the-clock tracking. It’s a perfect device to avoid the fear of omitting some information during charging because you only replace its battery after about 12 months.

This Garmin activity tracker won’t sync automatically. Instead, the tracker sends episodic updates across the day. For instant synchronizing, you can click the “sync” key by opening its mobile app in the Garmin Connect. While annoying, it’s quite easy and not always a disqualifier.

A summary of the Best Fitness Trackers

  Garmin vivofit Garmin vivofit 2 Garmin vivofit 3 Garmin vivofit 4
Battery Life Over 1 year Over 1 year Over 1 year Over 1 year
Toe-To-Toe Challenge      
Calorie Counting
Monitors sleep
Auto Sync  
Move bar alert Move bar (Visual) Move bar with an audible alarm Move bar with an audible alert Move bar with an audible alert
Backlit display  
Move IQ    
Color Display      


Compared to Garmin vivofit 3, vivofit 4 is cheaper at launch. However, the inexpensive value tag comes with consequences

Do you use the vivofit 3 having a heart rate checker? If so, then the Garmin vivofit 4 will be a clear pass, except if you feel fine feeding information in a different app. The non-HR Fitbit Alta offers the same features for competition, though at a higher price tag. Also, the Huawei Band 2 Pro activity tracker is another alternative that’s cheaper than the Vivofit 4, which includes heart rate sensors and built-in GPS.

In many ways, Garmin vivofit 4 beats it’s the vivofit 3, which is its predecessor. Vivofit 4 has a better strap, is more comfortable, features a new color screen, and has various extras such as stopwatch and weather widget. Unfortunately, this version does not allow for heart rate monitor connectivity, but hopefully, the next version will include that. 

This vivofit tracker presents a color display to the range. It also improves the comfort and design, which complement its top-ranking battery life. The Garmin Vivofit 4 won’t match anyone looking for many activities tracking qualities. It is a great tool that you can manage right from your wrist to follow your activity basics. 


The vivofit 4 is among the best activity trackers featuring a 1+ Year Battery Life. It’s a perfect, easy-to-use tool that offers different ways to outdo your past milestones. The product will help you track activities and lets you be always on the move with wasting much time recharging the device. Besides, with a 1+ year battery life, this Garmin fitness tracker enables you to wear it throughout your day. Therefore, it ensures that you are always monitoring your movement and automatically classifies this data with its Move IQ feature. Also, it regularly synchronizes with Garmin connect. This will allow you to share, save, and plan your activities or participate in social competitions. The Move IQ feature lets the Garmin device to automatically detect and categorize the type of activity on Garmin Connect. 

Fitbit Charge 3 – Best fitness tracker for Heart Rate Monitoring

It’s been a long time since Fitbit launched its former Charge tracker, way back towards the end of 2016. When the Fitbit Charge 2 hit the shelves, it came with a range of new qualities to the smarts it has accorded previously on its Fitbit Blaze, Fitbit Charge HR, and the Fitbit Alta. 

Since 2016, Fitbit has released so many more reliable devices, including the Fitbit Versa and the Fitbit Ionic, both advertising some rather remarkable GPS and tracking features. Towards the end of 2018, Fitbit released its Charge series with the Charge 3, the third-generation tracker. The Fitbit Charge 3 offers heart rate, exercise, and sleep tracking in a bubbly design, being waterproof and having a large screen. 

While the Charge 3 is the advancement over the Fitbit Charge 2, only upgrade if you want a larger monitor, a more lightweight or slick design, and various new activity-tracking qualities.

Product Description

The Fitbit Charge 3 activity tracker updates you on how your body operates during your training and monitors fitness progress. This fitness device has a battery life of up to 7 days. Plus, this fitness tracker has a durable make to easily complement you in different basic movements, whether taking a jog, at the pool, or in the gym. The battery life differs with various factors, mainly on the use.

This Fitbit exercise tracker tracks your heart rate 24/7. It also monitors the detailed measurement for calories burned to update you on how your body works during different activities. So, you can adjust your routine using the data offered and determine personal tendencies.

The Fitbit Charge 3 fitness tracker also checks your sleeping habits. It has an inbuilt sleep monitor that automatically tracks how much time you spend in REM, light, and deep sleep phases. Also, the sleep monitoring feature provides periodic insights to ensure you have better, energizing sleep all night.

This fitness tracker has a swim-proof construction, which makes it water-resistant up to a depth of 50m. This means that you can wear the tracker while in the shower or even while swimming. The waterproof build of the Fitbit Charge 3 tracker allows you to engage in exercises in different wet conditions. 

You can still connect your Charge 3 monitor with any of your compatible smartphone or other devices for easily-accessible text, call, and mobile app notifications. Plus, the Fitbit Charge 3 Fitness Tracker lets you forward quick responses (Android only) to instantly interact with colleagues, family, and friends while you exercise. 

The Charge 3 tracker is made with a smooth and big touchscreen that lets you see the obtained notifications and stats. To improve its clarity, this fitness tool automatically changes its backlighting to match present conditions.

It includes an aerospace-grade aluminum make, smooth-surface case, and slim glass panel to track your wrist’s contours without adding excessive bulk carefully. As a lightweight tracker, The Fitbit Charge 3 is comfortable to wear all night and throughout the day.

The swim-proof construction of the Fitbit Charge 3 allows you to make a splash because it is water-resistant up to a 50-meter depth. Besides, you can wear it while in the pool or shower to automatically track your swim training. This workout companion featuring a 7-day battery life keeps the inspiration and insights coming 24/7.

Its tracking features make the Fitbit charge 3 the best fitness tracker for heart rate monitoring. Use this day and night monitor to measure your heart rate progress and calories burned. As the best tool to measure your heart rate, Charge 3 lets you improve exercises and discover well-being trends inspiring you to advance towards your workout goals.

Another feature that makes this Fitbit tracker ideal for monitoring your heart rate is the “Real-Time Stats” quality. Choose from over 15 workout modes to check how you can keep improving. Some exercise modes include run, circuit training, bike, yoga, and swim.

Like other Fitbit models, Charge 3 includes unique qualities that make it an ideal tool to monitor your heart rate progress. With auto sleep tracking and SmartTrack Technology, this Fitbit tracker has all you need to understand how your heart rate responds during workouts. With auto sleep tracking, Fitbit Charge 3 ensures you can automatically check how well and how long you sleep. So, the tracker helps you align sleep objectives, a silent alarm, and bedtime reminders for a more comfortable walking experience. Plus, with SmartTrack technology, this fitness tracker automatically identifies and details various workouts you complete. This feature lets you monitor exercises without clicking any buttons.

This Fitbit tracker includes a health and fitness app that lets you get active with 27/7 monitoring. The app also allows you to enhance your training with guided coaching. The all-day tracking feature lets get active by monitoring each day’s distance, active minutes, steps, and calories burned. The Fitbit app displays briefs of your training stats to show how exercising can affect your standard heart rate. Also, the Charge 3 app on your tablet, computer, or smartphone has a Fitbit Coach feature for guided coaching. The Fitbit Coach lets you train more because you can train anywhere, anytime. Besides, the application offers step-by-step exercises, specifically customized to you. The routine will evolve and adjust as your health progresses.

Pros and Cons


  • It has a sleek and compact design which lets you wear the tracker during the night without any problems
  • Compatible with a range of devices- can easily synchronize to the apple phones’ app
  • Monitors “steps” as well as their equivalent nicely, even during cycling or other exercises that aren’t steps
  • Its Bluetooth quality lets you synchronize to various weight scales (some cheaper and better than the Fitbit Charge 3)
  • Can manually track calorie consumption and beverage or food intake


  • The tracker may not record higher heart rates while training as shown on its heart rate tab
  • Won’t synchronize to Strava and forward the heart rate stats to Strava for comparison with another workout information
  • Its weight monitoring feature obtains basic information from third party scales and apps but not the data on BMI, water, body fat, and muscle. The Fitbit scale won’t track that data.


Tracker Comparison Fitbit Flex 2 Fitbit Alta Fitbit Alta HR Fitbit Charge 3 Fitbit Versa Fitbit Ionic
All-day and night activity tracking, steps, distance, calories burned and sleep
Water Resistant to 50M
Works with Android, iPhone, Windows, and battery 4+ days Up to 7 days Up to 7 days
Stores and Plays Music
Call and text alerts, silent alarm and reminders to move
Sleep Stages (Light, Deep, REM)
Pure-Pulse Heart Rate
Built-in GPS Connected GPS Connected GPS
Apps for Weather and more
Dynamic Personal Coaching
Tracker Comparison Fitbit Charge 2 Fitbit Charge 3
Activity and Sleep
Call and text alerts
Display OLED Tap Touchscreen
Batter Life (up to) 5 days 7 days
Water Resistance Splash 50 m
27/7 Heart Rate
App Notifications


You should choose the Fitbit Charge 3 for various reasons. For example, its relaxation mode and user-friendly app make it a suitable fitness tool to measure the progress of your heart rate. Besides, the Fitbit Tracker includes an intuitive interface and straightforward usability. Everything about Charge 3 was just easy from tracking, setup, and synchronizing. The tracker works, unlike the equally-priced iFit Axis HR, which may not sync your workouts and only includes distance as its only training mode. However, Fitbit Charge 3 has a limitless set of trackable workouts. Besides, probably, you will find the Fitbit app as the most user-friendly and visually pleasing alternative. Fitbit’s information level isn’t as comprehensive as the app for Garmin Connect, although you will enjoy using Charge 3 app more. Unlike the Garmin Connect application, Fitbit has an inbuilt nutrition tracking feature and lets you establish movement alerts and goals, or get motivated by connecting with your friends. 

When considering the best heart rate trackers, the Fitbit is the only product having a relaxation mode, guiding you on 2-5 deep breathing minutes. The in-depth breathing feature of Charge 3 helps you to reduce stress and moderate your heart rate, which is a potentially beneficial and creative use of its heart rate tracing quality. Yogi Fitness Band may also like this meditative quality of appeasing breathing before a workout. 

Are you looking for the ideal tracker to measure your heart rate progress, based on its average accuracy? Fitbit Charge 3 is one of the best fitness trackers. However, it’s often off on almost all elements it monitors apart from the measurement of the “distance from steps” (which is always aces). Charge 3 deviates by a few steps, and both the average and the maximum heart rates noted during training may be off by a few beats per minute.  The Garmin vívosmart 4 and TomTom Touch may both present more accurate results, although the difference in accuracy is minimal. So, Charge 3 is less suited for zone workouts. It yet works best for monitoring trends on all-day heart rate and for measuring relative intensity during exercises. 


The Fitbit Charge 3 fitness tracker enhances a better understanding of your progress, your body, as well as health. As a waterproof training tracker, the Charge 3 is a useful fitness tool that can do more than tallying steps- the device also tracks your all day and night calorie burn, sleep, heart rate, goal progress, and over 15 workouts. So, each day, the tracker provides helpful insights about your fitness that lets you act, achieve your goals, and improve yourself.

Garmin vívosport – Best for Heart Rate Monitoring + GPS

The Garmin vivosport is one of the best fitness trackers. It lets you take your workouts on the go. The Garmin vivosport fitness tracker has an inbuilt GPS and a wrist-based heart rate monitor to correctly track your ride, walk, or run. The VO2max lets you follow your level of fitness. Plus, the product includes a 24/7 tracking feature to manage your stress. Garmin activity monitor also includes cardio activities and strength training. With this fitness tool, you can stay connected with Live Track, smart notifications, and automatic uploads to your Garmin Connect. Garmin vívosport is safe for showering and swimming, making it an ideal partner for each day that fosters your active life.

Garmin vívosport

Among the reasons you might want this tracker is its small-sized design with a complete GPS monitor. Also, with a reasonable heart rate accuracy and good battery life, Garmin smart activity tracker is the best for heart rate monitoring with GPS. When deciding whether to acquire yours, you should consider that the tracker doesn’t have swim modes and has a bland design. Also, its GPS can take much time to lock on.

Product description

Garmin fitness tracker features a heartrate monitoring and GPS to track your steps, sleep, floors climbed, intensity minutes, and calories burned. It comes with fitness age and VO2max, plus relaxation-based timer for breathing and 24/7 that lets you balance rest and stress.

GPS-enabled exercises include cycling, walking, and running plus strength and cardio training. The smart activity tracker has Move IQ feature to detect any movement and initiate a timed workout session automatically. The tracker’s battery can last for 8 hours in GPS mode and about 7 days in smartwatch mode.

Receive text messages by connecting your tracker with a compatible smartphone. Pair it with your phone also to see emails and social media notifications from your arm.

The Garmin vivosport activity tracker lacks the high-tech feeling of the Samsung gear or the Fitbit’s style. However, this fitness accessory is among the smallest activity trackers with an altimeter and HR or GPS tracking. The Garmin vivosport offers excellent power with the slightest bulk.

Garmin vivosport is a fitness tracker that brings a wrist-based heart rate plus GPS. This smart activity tracker includes many stand-and-move features. The device is compact enough to match any event. Its inbuilt GPS helps to trace your training outside correctly and consists of a range of indoor workouts. The Garmin vivosport offers activity tracking tools and 24/7 stress monitoring. It also has useful connected features, such as automatic uploads to online fitness communities. So, Garmin vivosport is a complete fitness tracking package.

It lets you take sport at home or on the go. Embedded GPS allows you to engage in exercises outdoors. When riding, running, or walking, Garmin vivosport will track pace, distance, speed, and time. Plus, the device will map these readings in Garmin Connect. The product comes with more timed training, such as cardio and strength training. These elements of the vivosport let you work out as you wish.

Garmin vivosport is a useful accessory for daily stress and fitness monitoring. Track significant elements of your wellness and fitness using Elevate 24/7 wrist-based heart rate tracking. It presents about 2 suggestions of physical activity that may improve with regular practice using the heart rate information it gathers. These 2 physical fitness indicators include an estimate of your fitness age and VO2 max. Monitor your heart rate variability (HRV) using Garmin vivosport. Use the HRV to evaluate your level of stress. So, the intent is to create awareness when emotional or physical sources drive your level of stress to increase. This activity tracking tool will then let you find a reliable approach to lessen the pressure.

The vivosport model has a vibrant style and a slim design. You won’t believe how slim this workout tracker is, with all the sports and features it packs inside. It will complement every occasion and each outfit. If you need an excellent all-day wearable tracker, the Garmin vivosport is a perfect option that is safe for showering and swimming. Plus, the ever-on Garmin Chroma Monitor color touchscreen is bright and responsive enough to view, whether in direct sunlight or the dark.

fitness tracker
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The device lets you get connected, anywhere, or anytime. When linked to a compatible phone, the Garmin vivosport brings a complete smart feature set that offers handy features and convenience to your arm. It lets you get emails, text messages, social media insights, and more. Use the activity band to access music controls or find your phone. Get friends to follow your training using its LiveTrack feature. It will even automatically upload your completed activities to Garmin Connect using the auto-sync feature.

It synchronizes your workouts to Garmin Connect to store your information and more. The thriving online community of Garmin Connect lets you connect and contest by enrolling challenges. The share-and-compete feature allows the Garmin Connect users to encourage the success of each other and share the achievements through social media. Join this community for free and access it anytime on the web or use the Garmin Connect Mobile app to access it on your phone.

While in smartwatch mode, its battery can last up to 1 week. However, it has an 8-hour battery life in GPS mode. You only need about 30 minutes to recharge the Garmin vivosport fully. The ability to renew it fast helps you adapt to the routine of wearing the fitness band 24/7. 

Pros and Cons


  • Works well with riding, walking, and running modes
  • The device obtains the GPS signal very fast when outside and has a good enough accuracy
  • The music control, swim-rated, and embedded GPS makes it more efficient and comfortable
  • For walking, riding, and running modes, the HR rate accuracy is perfect
  • Easy to manipulate despite the small display
  • GPS-enabled fitness bands, including features of higher-priced activity watches.


  • It does not include swimming capabilities. Although the IQ move element perceives you’re swimming, it never records the swimming activity. So, you will only have the duration the exercise lasted. The swimming capabilities is a restriction and an upselling strategy.
  • Sensitive screen. Display activates automatically while in the pool. The screen enables you’re touching it, although you aren’t. The quality can be annoying when you start aerobic training to monitor your swimming better, and the activity stops suddenly.


The vivosport smart activity tracker seems a workout band that’s designed for a person who isn’t will to pay full value for a fitness band with inbuilt GPS. It’s also made for people who need a reasonable fitness tracker that supports a range of exercise types.

It’s more costly than other workout tracker counterparts from Polar A370 Overall and Huawei Band 2 Pro. Still, it’s a sturdy, functional, and reliable device for someone who needs robust fitness tracking with a slim form factor.

While this’s much of advanced technology being incorporated into an activity band, you should be warned. Although it may seem impressive, before introducing its vivosport model, Garmin had already developed a similar device. The Garmin vivosmart HR+ closely resembles this vivosport version. So, the company had to be extra keen to ensure this new model varies from the Garmin vivosport.

So, how does the vivosport differ from the vivosmart HR+ model? The Garmin vivosport comes with a more powerful battery, a touch-based design, a slimmer band, and other high-end qualities such as stress testing and VO2 Max reading.  Well, do these features make Garmin vivosport a worthwhile upgrade?


Product comparison Vivosport Vivosmart HR+ Vivosmart 3 Vivosmart HR
Battery life Up to 7 days; 8 hours GPS mode Up to 5 days; 8 hours GPS mode Up to 5 days Up to 5 days
Wrist-based heart rate
Built-in running app
Built-in cardio app
Wellness monitoring
Colour display
Smart notifications
Built-in strength app with rep counting


Why should you choose the Garmin vivosport, smart activity band? Firstly, it’s a small band with an extensive catalog. It has about each quality you could include in its small construction. It crams onboard GPS, heart rate monitoring, and exercise tracking. The vivosport also consists of a color display, activity checking tools like fitness age estimates, and VO2 max, as well as stress tracking. 

It can display emails, texts, and social media insights when connected with your smartphone. Also, use it to track a misplaced phone that was connected and is withing vivosmart’s Bluetooth range. Use it to track swimming because it’s waterproof.

Its average accuracy is another reason you should choose this fitness band. It will correctly tally your steps each time. It’s a bit generous during a calorie-tracking workout but more consistent than other fitness bands. 

The screen size of the Garmin vivosport is among the points to consider when evaluating the fitness bands. It has a small display that is 0.38 inches long and 0.76 inches wide. However, if you’re looking for a light, minimalist workout band, you perhaps aren’t very concerned about the big screen. But if you’re, then compare it with the Samsung Gear Fit2 pro tracker.


The vivosport fitness band is an activity tracker with the workout credibility of a larger watch for runners. This Garmin is one of the best fitness trackers since it has an altimeter, GPS, and a heart rate sensor. Plus, it shares an app with Forerunner 935 from the Garmin company.

This vivosport lacks the style of a vivosmart HR+ or a Fitbit tracker. It also doesn’t have the high-tech feeling of the Samsung Gear. Still, Garmin Vivosport smart activity band is among the smallest activity tracker having an altimeter and full HR or GPS tracking. This fitness tracker offers max tracking capacity with a slight bulk. 

Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro – Best Display Screen

It’s a brave new world for activity trackers available in the fitness sector. Although affordable workout trackers such as the Xiaomi Mi Band 2 are thriving, noteworthy fitness monitors such as Garmin and Fitbit are joining the smartwatch trend. The first impressions of the Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro come in at that puzzling stage. Samsung may have noted this problematic juncture, and so the Gear Fit2 Pro works for both the workout partisans and people who only wish to check notifications and tell time right from their wrists. With the best display screen to address these needs, the Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro will leave you quite impressed.

The good points about Samsung’s new Fit2 Pro are that it’s swim-friendly, has an excellent design, and brings offline Spotify support. The significant points against this newcomer include a clumsy setup procedure and worse value that the cheaper predecessor. 

Product description

The Fit2 Pro is a convenient activity tracker that doubles up as an extra display to your phone. It’s also versatile and compatible with iOS and Android devices. Besides, you can use it as the most thorough partner for your training goals.

Have you used or seen the Gear Fit 2? If so, for the most part, you have a clue of how this Gear Fit2 Pro tracker works.  As a wearable, the Fit2 Pro is looking more like an evolution than an upgrade. Samsung has added a few features to make the tracker very nifty. Now, this aspect presents its undoing. This article concludes that a new product by Samsung won’t negate its forerunner in all ways. The former Gear Fit 2 is as useful as the latest version. Now, does the Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro bring significant features to validate the upgrade?

If you needed proof that this market of wearables has changed, you could refer to the element that the biggest competitor of the new Fit2 Pro activity tracker is its predecessor. It’s tough to recommend choosing this newcomer, with the Fit 2 tracker’s equally comprehensive quality and lower price.

This Samsung’s newcomer fills all the gaps for an activity band in 2019. The Gear Fit2 Pro has an AMOLED touchscreen monitor that measures 1.5 inches. The device also includes an inbuilt GPS, internal storage of 4GB for music, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth support, 5ATM waterproofing, and a heart rate detector. Use the Gear Fit2 Pro to monitor notifications. Like a smartwatch, install apps to expand its capabilities. None of the fitness trackers within its price bracket that brings in the same features’ set.

The Samsung Fit2 Pro fitness tracker feels and looks like its forerunner. Besides, it includes a similar touchscreen monitor, which is clear and bright enough to view under most conditions.

Its right-hand side includes two buttons, has a removable strap, and has a heart rate detector. Although it still has a rubberized strap, this newcomer’s strap is decorated with a faceted, subtle pattern. It crisp presents the other difference. Unlike its predecessor, the Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro features a traditional fastener, which will barely come undone.

This won’t impact comfort overly, though. The lightweight design of this Gear Fit2 Pro tracker is quite comfortable to fit on your wrist. It ranges about 33g for a small and 34g for a large variant so that you won’t feel the device on your arm.

This one of the best fitness trackers with 802.11n Wi-Fi and a Bluetooth of 4.2 for better connectivity. With an internal storage of 4GB, you can save your training tunes to play using your wireless headsets. You won’t need a smartphone to operate it. Pair it with any Bluetooth headsets.

The Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro activity band is water-resistant up to a pressure of 5ATM, so you can submerge and take for swimming. Now, what if you aren’t an active swimmer? The potential to wash without removing it or take the device in the shower makes it a more effective fitness partner than the former FIT 2 model.

Its exercise tracking functionality is as convenient as the predecessor. It monitors workouts automatically. With an inbuilt GPS feature, the device will track location and pace correctly without having to use your phone for training. Plus, its altimeter, gyroscopes, and pedometer offer a full scope of 24/7 fitness tracking stats, including the floors climbed, steps are taken, and even calories burned. Use the heart rate monitor to check whether your fitness is progressing or not.

But, won’t all those qualities pull down the Gear Fit2 Pro? Thanks to its 512MB of RAM and 1GHz dual-core processor that makes the device responsive and smooth.

The Pro model is easy to use. It’s has a simple process for installing apps, setting the tracker up, and synchronizing music. You won’t need a Samsung smartphone to use this device. Even so, you still need to install several plugins and apps flurry to set it up and run.

After setting it up, you can view and respond to notifications right from the activity monitor. Use the “Show on phone” feature to automatically start relevant conversations and apps on your paired smartphone.

Pros and Cons


  • The big screen is a favorite form factor that outdoes typical trackers.
  • It has the most accurate step counting. Steps are spot on when running or walking on an Olympic track.
  • An accurate and precise HR. It even more reliable than most of its rivals
  • Has great GPS functionality that can peg any location
  • Impressive swim tracking and water resistance
  • Includes a variety of watch faces to customize yours without coding knowledge


  • Stair tracking is slightly off
  • The band might fall off easily, and it’s a bit chintzy
  • The batter isn’t durable and may last for just 2 days. Recharge it at night for around an hour.


Are you wondering what makes this activity tracker? The first reason is the Gear Fit2 Pro has an elegant screen with an intuitive interface.  Its gorgeous color screen challenges the user experience and functionality of some smartwatches. Unlike most activity bands, the Fit2 Pro doesn’t have a long learning process to know how to move through menus, apply various functions, or comprehend what the device suggests to you. Also, it ships over 3000 apps to listen to Spotify, modify the watch face, and more. 

The other reason you might want to choose the Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro wrist band is its high swimming integration. It remains waterproof until a depth of 50 meters, like most fitness bands of 2019. However, Samsung joined with Speedo to create Speedo On, a free partner swimming application. The Samsung band will still monitor your calorie burn, heart rate, speed, and distance while swimming, but combining it with Speedo On will ensure you adhere to a precise fitness schedule, measure your heart rate progress, and get data points such as pace and stroke count. Plus, the Samsung Fit2 Pro lets you join group contests and share your progress on social platforms.

The only point to consider about this Gear Fit2 Pro is that it’s bulky. It’s still slimmer compared to an entirely bordered smartwatch. But when compared to the Garmin vivosport or most minimalist activity bands, Gear Fit2 Pro feels likes fitting a watch.


How does Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro fitness band compare to the Gear Fit2 activity tracker? Considering all aspects, the Gear Fit2 Pro is a perfect fitness device that fills all the correct spaces. Although it might seem more costly than its close competitors, this activity band does more than most trackers within its price range.

The worrywarts might think it does not have value for money compared to its predecessor, Fit2. Do you like going to the gym, swimming, and running, or need a waterproof wearable? If so, the Samsung Fit2 Pro is a worthy accessory at a special price.


Samsung has one of the best fitness trackers, and its Fit2 Pro is an impressive addition to this lineup. With the minimal, sleek design as its forerunners, the Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro is water-resistant up to a depth of 50 meters. Apart from that, the brand joined with Amour to create various apps that help users to monitor all elements of their wellbeing accurately. Besides, this Samsung Fit2 Pro activity brand is another hit for Samsung in the exercise-tracking sector.


The Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro is among the smartest fitness trackers. The brand has changed with changing trends and gave the device some smartwatch features to validate the high price. At its price, the fitness tracker offers excellent value for cash. While it won’t present very comprehensive insights like the Alta HR by Fitbit, it’s still a perfect offering for people who wish to remain fit.  You’ll like the way the Fit2 Pro is made to detect the type of exercise you’re doing seamlessly. The positive supports encourage you to stand and get moving. Stick to the former Gear Fit2 if you aren’t into swimming.

With that, an activity tracker is only relevant for anyone who’s quite inclined towards becoming fit. The aspect that this Fit2 Pro can manage notifications entirely comes after its fitness-based features. So, it’s unreasonable to choose this tracker if you only intend to use the device as an extra display for your phone.

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