5 Best Bar Pads for Hip Thrusts

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1. Elevator Fitness Squat Pad

The Elevator Fitness Barbell Pad is a useful gym tool during routine exercises such as hip thrusts, squats, and lunges. Use this squat tool with a foam sponge pad to relieve strain on your shoulders and neck during workouts.

Product Description

The Elevator Fitness Squat Barbell pad has a diameter of 3.5 inches and a length of 18 inches. You can fit the elevator pad on an Olympic-sized barbell very well. Also, its pretty standard thickness of 1.2 inches makes it one of the 5 best bar pads for hip thrusts.

Enjoy extra comfort through its ergonomic design. Plus, the neck grove ensures you place the barbell properly across your shoulders and upper back without causing too much pressure on your neck.

The Elevator pad includes a high-density and high-quality rubberized, memory foam sponge which makes this product durable. Also, enjoy its memory foam design that prevents it from breaking or tearing after several training sessions.

This Barbell Pad for Squats, Hip Thrusts, and Lunges includes Velcro straps. Use these straps to stop your pad from sliding off the bar while training.


  • The thick cushion makes it ideal when lifting heavy loads.
  • Suitable diameter allows it to hold the barbell and bars tightly.
  • Highly flexible and helps with calf raises
  • Extremely use to use, and allows for fast mounting and removal from bars.


  • The thin, middle section of the pad breaks of quickly after a few workout sessions.
  • The pad leaves a 0.5-inch gap and won’t fully enfold around your bars
  • Cheap and poorly designed straps, although they offer some support.

2. Perfect Peach Athletics Squat

Are you for the best training pad for girls with style? Or, are you tired of barbell pads and training equipment that was custom-designed for males? This Perfect Peach Athletics Barbell Pad Squat Pad was designed for you.

Product description

Bodybuilding has significantly changed over time. Today, and perhaps in the future, this form of exercise isn’t only for males anymore. Ladies are taking over. Women were tired and sick of seeing bodybuilding products allover that lacked femininity and style. The Perfect Peach Pad is made by girls who train and for ladies who lift.

The Perfect Peach Premium Comfort Lunge and Squat Pad allow you to tone and sculpt with ultimate comfort. The design of this barbell neck pad includes thick, soft, protective foam that eases and adds support to your boot-training sessions than ever before. 

Achieve your dream lean beach body fast with this handy pad which works for all exercises. Enjoy super-fast gains, extra comfort and super-fast progress by using the premium comfort training pad for girls with style.

The product’s premium construction and professional design make the perfect peach pad one of the 5 best bar pads for hip thrusts.


  • The high-quality pad makes it best both for heavy and light hip thrusts
  • The restful dense foam resists pressure even from heavy and rough gym equipment
  • The pink colour and fitting design fits best for women with style


  • Its strips are too tight and hurt when training with the cables
  • Rolls over often letting the metal ring to press above your ankle and against your lower leg

3. Iron Bull Strength Advanced Squat Pad

Do intend to buy one of the 5 best bar pads for hip thrusts? If so, look no further. The Iron Bull Strength Advanced Barbell Pad for hip thrusts, squats, and lunges. The ergonomic design, plus a shoulder and neck protective pad support, allow you to train without pain. This Squat Pad – Barbell Pad lets you increase performance and focus on your form.

Product description

The Iron Bull Strength Advanced Squat Pad adds extra comfort when lifting heavier weights. The pad is 16 inches long, 3.5 inches wide, and 1.25 inches thick. Also, with its ergonomic design, the carved part fits the profile of your neck dense foam pad aligning the load with your body. This 1.25-inch-thick pad also evenly spreads distributes weight across the shoulders. This reduces the discomfort and pain caused by the load resting on your spine and neck.

This premium squat pad includes a dense foam rubber that reduces shocks on your spine. The non-slip muted finish allows the weight to stay and position on your shoulders when squatting.

Enjoy smooth and fast installation in a few seconds with the pad’s quick-slip design. You can start muscle building exercises after just clipping on your bar.

Are looking for a durable fitness pad for hip thrusts? Designed from a dense, high-quality material, the rubberized thick foam makes the product quite durable. Plus, multiple close and open-cell foam absorbs all shocks, which reduces injury and enhance comfort.


  • Offers enough cushioning of up to 175lbs to prevent bruising during hip thrusts
  • No need to add Velcro or straps around it because it remains in place and provides a tight hug on the bar during sets
  • Extremely comfortable- it’s neither too hard to make lifting hard nor too soft to squish to the bar
  • Quite flexible, which allows you to take it off quickly after a training session


  • Inadequate padding around the neck’s groove which creates discomfort
  • Needs resetting to ensure it wraps entirely around your bars.

4. Fit Viva Barbell Pad

The Fit Viva Barbell Pad is a cozy bar pad to absorb shocks and impacts during fitness training. The Fit Viva pad for Olympic and Standard barbells includes safety straps and improves your workout productivity. It’s 17 inches long and 3.5 inches wide for more comfort. Fit Viva pads evenly spread the weight across your shoulder to reduce pressure and allow you to train as you wish.

Product description

Although other fitness pads are too slippery, too thick, or start braking after a few training sessions, this Fit Viva pad includes a protective layer of 1.3 inches, with an anti-slip surface that makes it more durable than other types on the market. So, this premium Barbell Pad increases the intensity of your exercises while adding comfort and protecting your lower & upper back and neck.

Use Fit Viva Barbell Pad to challenge your fitness limits without worries. This pad stays firmly fasted when lifting a load and offers excellent balance and stability. The product also includes Velcro straps, so nothing is too hard from hip thrusts to squats and lunges. 

The product matches all Olympic and Standard barbells and is among the 5 best bar pads for hip thrusts.


  • Best to protects your neck and shoulders against impact from heavy loads
  • Super-fast results with less discomfort and pain
  • Safe as it remains firmly clipped during lifts
  • Customized design for the most secure grip on your barbell


  • Causes imbalance when lifting heavy bars
  • It slides during squats

5. BEAR Strength & Conditioning Next Generation Squat Pad

Made from high-density and high-quality foam, this unisex BEAR Strength and Conditioning Pad protect your neck, shoulders, and hips. Its quick-slip design allows you to use the Next Generation Pad on any smith machine or barbell. Use it for any leg and butt workouts such as lunges, hip thrusts, or squats.

Product description

The BEAR Squat Pad has a fitting designed neck groove that promotes good form and adds more comfort.

The strength and conditioning pad lowers your chance of getting injured while exercising, which makes the next generation pad one of the 5 best bar pads for hip thrusts.

With a thick non-slip rubber-foam, this product has a sponge that absorbs impact to relieve pressure and pain while doing hip thrusts, squats and lunges.

The anti-slip material adds comfort because it prevents the pad from rolling or shifting around from the bar. The non-slip and waterproof surface allows you to use the pad as a multi-exercise tool.

Its quick-slip design allows you to install the pad on any bar in a few seconds and without movement. The squat pad is lightweight that will enable you to carry anywhere.


  • Offers the best padding for glute and bridges
  • Increased stability during hip thrusts
  • Maximum comfort when doing shoulder and leg exercises


  • Slides away when lifting heavy bars and weights and might need a strap to prevent it from rolling

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