Not fitting in your sexy dress may be frustrating. Besides, you may not feel confident enough to even interact with others in social gatherings. Thus, it is important to exercise for sexy toned abs. A strong core does not only improve your physique but also your overall strength.

According to research conducted by NCBI Abdominal training play a crucial role in the reduction of back pain and improved exercises (3). Before discussing the best Ab workouts for women, it is critical to review the importance of Abs exercises. Firstly, strong abs provide more support and strength to the back muscles.

According to an article by south Cross University, abdominal muscles are essential especially to pregnant women (1) The muscles play a critical role such as holding the pelvis, reduction of abdominal discomforts and prevents the stomach from protruding forward. Secondly, strong abs improve an individual’s posture and comfort while bending standing or sitting. Notably, the abs muscles play a crucial role in connecting between the lower and the upper body. Other benefits of strong abs include:

  • Improving the breathing and digestive system (2)
  • Improving sporting ability
  • More quality balances
  • Stronger immune system
  • General increase of the body strength

There are more than one hundred Ab Workouts for Women. However, most of them are not only risky but also a danger to the bones and body tissues. Hence, before conducting a self-guided workout at home, it is critical to follow the recommended abs workout exercises strictly. Both men and women share similar exercises, but there is a slight difference, which requires keen observation and follow-up.

Some of Best Ab Workouts for Women include:

1. Side Forearm planks with Twists

Side plank

Engage the abs while doing the exercise

When doing the Side Forearm planks with Twists, it is vital to add on some twists to increase the result and to add on more pressure on the abdominal muscle. However, one should always work under a strict duration of time {by using a stopwatch or a timer}to ensure that all the muscles are exercises uniformly. Remember to do all the activities on a smooth or recommended mat to avoid physical or internal injuries. It is recommended breath normally, have breaks and drink water to avoid dehydration as a result of sweating.

2. Hollow Body Press and Hold

When doing this exercise, begin by wearing appropriate workout outfit including shoes. Lay down the mat on a flat smooth floor. Make sure that the room has sufficient flow of air, temperature, and space. Lay down on your back, making sure that the legs and the hands face the opposite direction. Press your legs and hands over the abs muscles at a considerable pace to enhance the result. The picture below demonstrates how to conduct the exercise. You can also carry out the activity outdoors.







3. Leg Raisers  

Leg raises are some of the most effective and easy work works for the abs, especially for the beginners. Frequent normal breathing is one of the tricks of increasing effectiveness and endurance when carrying out the exercises. However, it is crucial to sets a target and to avoid energy blowout or delayed onset muscle soreness after a workout.







Some of the factors required when carrying out Leg Raisers to boost the strength of the abs and reduce fat belly include.

  • Endurance
  • Creativity
  • Discipline
  • Proper observance of diet
  • Goal setting

4. Side Leg Raisers






The exercise is useful not only to the beginners but also to the intermediate and advanced stage individuals. The activity requires one to lay on one side and raise one leg up and down while breathing normally. However, it is essential to exchange position to avoid exhaustion.

5. Self-timer Sit-ups













Sit-ups are some of the most common and well-practiced Abs exercises. The workout is easy but at the same time effective in building the core and abdominal muscles. If you are planning to shed the belly fat, it is essential to invest more time in the exercise.

6. Self-Timer Planks








Planks require individual concentration endurance and composure. The timer is one of the essential tools necessary when doing the exercise. A timer enables an individual to set realistic and manageable goals and to allocate each equal time per session. 

7. Roll Raised Body Stretch








The workout works well for an intermediate and advanced Abs individual. It requires a high level of concentration and endurance. Besides strengthening the Abs, the workout also helps to improve brain concentration, healthier spine, and stronger bones. However, when doing the exercise, it is essential to avoid laying a lot of pressure on the spine and concentrate on stretching the abdominal muscles.

8. Bicycles kicks








Bicycle kicks are effective exercises in strengthening the core building the abs and legs. The multi-functionality of the workout makes it not only unique but also popular. Just like other activities discussed earlier, bicycle kicks requires concentration and focus.





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